Audio Podcast & iOS App Roundup Pt. 1

Living in Brooklyn and working in midtown Manhattan, I've found that I have a nice chunk of time commuting to and from work each day. To make up this unused time, I've been listening to podcasts (audio and non audio related), and playing with some new iOS apps along the way. Below is a compiled list that anyone interested in audio (and even if you're not!) should definitely take a look at.


Possibly my favorite of all the audio podcasts, Mike and the team have been doing this podcast for over 9 years and I've just gotten into it over the past 2. Talking about everything from post-audio, to music mixing, sound design, and the current state of the audio industry, it's definitely a must for all audio nerds!


Another great audio podcast - this one focuses more on sound design techniques and field recording, but there's some great interviews (Will Files! Gordon Hempton!) as well. Their new "Soundbytes" segments are a great addition in a shorter format.

Pro Tools Expert

A no brainer if you use Pro Tools as your main DAW. These guys are the wizards of Pro Tools and they know every trick, tip, and/or shortcut in the book. Also a great podcast to listen to for plug-in deals, competitions, and keeping up with everything Pro Tools related.

Beards, Cats And Indie Game Audio

I've been making my way into game audio for the past few months, attempting to get an idea of how the workflow differs from audio post-production. Learning to craft dynamic (changing according to a characters' decisions) sound design is a totally different art in itself, and this podcast has taught me more about game audio that I could ever ask for. A relatively new podcast, but already a winner in the field of game audio.

Gameaudio Podcast

From the guys who brought together all the audio heads at GDC (Game Developers Conference) in SF a couple weeks back, the Gameaudio Podcast has been keeping me up to date with all the latest news concerning audio middleware (FMOD, Wwise, etc.) technologies and other game audio news. Really looking forward to their future episodes and learning more about this side of the industry.


Moving on to the non-audio related side of things, WNYC's Radiolab is a breath of fresh air when looking to tune out of the audio world. The stories produced on this podcast are intriguing, fun, and largely entertaining - I don't think there's a podcast that gets me so hooked on the story with each episode. Definitely a must listen!


For most of us in our 20-something's, just trying to get by and make it is the main hustle, and this podcast hosted by Matt Pana touches on that very subject. Having conversations with people in the music, art, and entertainment industries, this podcast allows anyone who's currently building up their career to relate to the daily gig.


That's it for the podcasts! If anyone has more suggestions I'm definitely open to them - comment in the field below. Next post will be on audio iOS apps. Stay tuned!