A Sound Effect Mattia Cellotto Sound Design Contest

I heard about this contest via twitter back in the end of October, and immediately I thought, why not! I've always been a fan of Mattia's field recordings, so why not try my hand at a chance to obtain some great sounds.

My entry into the Mattia Cellotto A Sound Effect Volcano sound design challenge recently won in the "Over the Top" category.

For this contest, the challenge was to design sounds using only the human voice, so naturally I started by putting up a microphone and hitting record. After watching the video a few times, I knew I would need a buildup, explosion, and aftermath elements. I also wanted the recordings to sound (tonality wise) like I had a really bad stomach ache, and I knew that I wanted to put in a few samples of silence before the explosion. After a few layering passes, a beatboxing intro, and some help from good ol' pitch shift, decapitator (for more destruction like qualities), and reverb, I came up with the results above. Enjoy!