My field-recording kit

Sennhesier MKH 30/MKH40

Back in January of 2015 I made a blog post about my "2014 In Review". Included in that post, I said that one of my goals for the next year was to build a field-recording kit that I would be proud of, and finally call my own. Well the great news is that this goal has been completed! So, here is my full field-recording kit, modeled after the multiple people who have given me their input via forums, podcasts, and first-hand experience.

The Recorder - Sound Devices 702T

The Microphones - Sennhesier MKH 30/MKH40

The Wind Protection - Rycote Stereo Windshield Kit AE

The Bag - Manfrotto Advanced Tri Backpack (Large)

The Stand - Manfrotto 5001B Nano Light Stand

More pictures to come, above is a quick one of the M/S setup out of their protective rycote :)

And some recordings posted below:

DS Sound

DS Sound