Video Game Sound Design Reel

This is my video game sound design reel, made from a compilation of video game clips that I either worked on as a linear sound re-design, or as an implementation demo, in which I took a completed game and implemented my own sounds. Below is my breakdown of my creative process:

Doom 3 Sound Re-design

Doom 3, in my opinion, is one of the best sounding games this 2016, and I knew that in order to pay the respect to the original sound designers, I had to create amazing weapon sounds. Going with a layered approach of SFX recordings from boutique SFX libraries such as The Recordist, I made sure to design each weapon so that each felt powerful, intricate, and fun to shoot.

Zombie and/or monster vocalizations are always a fun sound to re-create, and for all the creatures, I used my own voice with a combination of various delays, reverbs, and pitch shifting plug-ins. (I also used my own voice in a sound design contest here!)

Foley elements included the initial fall (leather jackets combined with heavy boot footsteps), and various hand elements (the grabbing of the zombie at the end).

Roguelike FMOD/Unity Implementation

Roguelike is a 2D survival game based within the Unity game engine. For this project I recorded foley outside on a dirt pit, and later processed the audio using pitch shifting and bit crushing plug-ins. I then implemented the footsteps using FMOD Studio.

Sun Temple FMOD/Unreal Implementation

Sun Temple is a 3D Level based within the Unreal 4 game engine. Here I used a combination of foley (footsteps on tile) and SFX from various libraries to create a convincing 3D soundscape. Implementation via FMOD Studio included triggering footsteps on animations, and object based 3D attenuation (lava pit, torches, and ambience outside).

Watch Dogs 2 Trailer Sound Re-design

A beginning hacking sequence starts off this trailer, where I used a combination of field recordings of various buttons, switches, and start up sounds, layered in with SFX library material. When mixing this piece, I had to be most aware of panning the motorcycle correctly, and choosing which sounds to play up within the mix.

DS Sound

DS Sound