[Repost] The Story Behind the THX Deep Note

A quick and fun read about the THX "Deep Note", one of the world's most recognizable audio logos. As a kid I would remember watching this animation in the theater and just being in awe at the huge sound it would convey. Check out the article (including a hilarious Simpsons parody) at the link below!

Fast Company: Design - The Story Behind the THX Deep Note

DesigningSound.org: An Interview with John Roesch

Another great interview posted from DesigingSound.org with lead Foley Artist John Roesch of Warner Bros. Studios. He particularly talks about the state of apprenticeship in the sound industry:

Well, I think one of the things that’s troubling to me is the fact that there’s really no apprenticeship for up and coming Foley people. It truly is a catch-22. If I was to pull somebody on, to take the time to teach them, I couldn’t do the job I do, and that just wouldn’t fly.

Check the link above for an interesting read!