2014 In Review

It's been awhile since I've last posted, and this is a pretty late "in review/end of year" post. But here it is anyway.

The end of last year arrived and came by quickly, and with it came a whole slew of new projects. Near the end of 2014, I started a new job as an assistant at an audio post-production facility. Finally at the position that I've worked for since college, I've learned a crazy amount in just the few months that I've been here. I also dialogue edited my first feature, worked on some great animation projects (one of which is doing very successful on the festival circuit), and completed my first 5.1 mix.  I saved up a whole lot of cash, and just recently bought a new computer that blows my old MBP out of the water.

With the new year I hope to continue learning and obsessing over sound, recording, editing, sound design, and mixing. A few goals on my mind so far:

  • Save up and buy a professional, high quality, field recording kit. This includes a Sound Devices 7-series recorder, a pair of M/S microphones (Sennheiser MKH series), and possibly a shotgun mic.
  • Continue doing all film work in a 5.1 format. Stereo only for smaller projects.
  • Save up and buy the few plug-ins I actually use and need.
  • Network, network, network.
  • Start gaining the trust to run the smaller sessions at work.
  • Do something sound related out of the field of post-production audio. Maybe music, maybe game audio?
  • Lastly, continue to appreciate the value of friends, family, and loved ones. I know this sounds cliche, but seriously, it's very true.

To 2015, let's hope it's a good one!


The Medieval Weapons Sound Effects Library Kickstarter

I just backed up a sweet Kickstarter that's been making a buzz on the audio blogs lately - The Medieval Weapons Sound Effects Library. Back for more from the makers of The Firearms Sound Library, you can make any donation as small as $1 to receive the full sound library, which is basically a no-brainer deal. These will definitely come in handy on my next project, which is a period piece set to take place during the Irish War of Independence.  Check out the video above for more info, and pledge a few dollars to their cause!

"Good Fortune" - NOPE - 48 Hr Film Project

I'm privileged to work with a bunch of amazing post-production professionals who recently made this short film for the 48 Hr Film Project. We came home with a bunch of awards from the New York City group, taking the crowns for Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Musical Score, and Runner Up for Best Film. Congrats to everyone involved and enjoy!