Two recent animations that I worked on are screening next Wednesday, May 7th, 6pm at the SVA Theater (333 West 23rd St.). More details about the event can be found at the Facebook event page here. 

"Cocodile" - a film by Harris Wu & Wenting Wu, follows a young croc and his comedic quest for love. Read more about the sound design at my blog post here, or find out more at their tumblr!

"Kia Rex" - a film by Yandong Qiu, follows a young hero who in the midst of playtime, quickly realizes a fantasy world through his imagination, and a potential danger that lies within.

Both of these films presented unique challenges within themselves. "Cocodile" required a mix between organic and "sweetened" sounds, whereas "Kia Rex" lent it's own problems in the mix with a heavy score and a packed SFX stem. I found that these problems occur especially within animation, as I felt that the sound design can often be very tricky to get just right. Thankfully, with some great direction (and revisions), I was able to take both films and showcase my creative input. Hope to see you at the screenings!