First of all, thank you for visiting my website. I hope this page serves to show my skills as both a dialogue designer, and my audio implementation skills through Audiokinetic's Wwise.

Dialogue design

This reel consists of the following:

Uncharted 2 Sound Re-design

This sound re-design clip of the Uncharted 2 truck chase scene was given to me as part of a test for another game studio. I was given the clip with no sound, and I was tasked with filling up the video with my own sound design. Emphasis was given upon recording my own material, and thus you can hear my own voice playing as Nathan Drake in the clip (I know, I'm definitely not close to Nolan North). An interesting point from this test was that I eventually left out my ADR takes that were recorded in the studio, and instead choosing to record outside, which effectively blended much better within the mix.


For this short animation film, I was tasked with recording all the original dialogue, directing the actors for performance, as well as creatively mixing the tracks to make the on screen dragon come to life. I also edited all the sound effects, and finalized the 5.1 mix.

Doom Sound Re-design

Other than gun sound design, in this clip, I wanted to showcase my ability to create creature vocals, using a hybrid of my own voice, mixed along with other animal samples. For all of the demons, I added a bit of my own voice, and utilized plugins from Soundtoys, Waves, and Fabfilter, to achieve the effect.

Mattia Cellotto Sound Design Contest

For this contest, the challenge was to design sounds using only the human voice, so naturally I started by putting up a microphone and hitting record. After watching the video a few times, I knew I would need a buildup, explosion, and aftermath elements. I also wanted the recordings to sound (tonality wise) like I had a really bad stomach ache, and I knew that I wanted to put in a few samples of silence before the explosion. After a few layering passes, a beatboxing intro, and some help from good ol' pitch shift, decapitator (for more destruction like qualities), and reverb, I came up with the results above. This entry also won in the "Over the Top" category!

Wwise Implementation

In this reel, I showcase my Wwise implementation skills within a level that I made from scratch in the Unity game engine.


Thank you and please feel free to visit the rest of my website to see my other projects, field recordings, or my blog!