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Above is my dialogue editing reel, which consists of the following:

Last Call Lenny

Last Call Lenny is a short film that I provided all sound work on. This included the dialogue and sound effects edit, and the re-recording mix in 5.1 as well.

The Age of Aerospace

The Age of Aerospace is a 5 part documentary series that airs on the Science Channel. For this project, I was in charge of all dialogue editing, which included the voiceover and interviews.

Inside You

Inside You is a feature film full of jokes, and I had the pleasure of working alongside a great team of editors and mixers as the dialogue editor. The film (if you can't tell by the clip) involves a couple that magically switches bodies after a crazy night.

Uncharted 2 Sound Redesign

This sound re-design clip of the Uncharted 2 truck chase scene was given to me as part of a test for another game studio. I was given the clip with no sound, and I was tasked with filling up the video with my own sound design. Emphasis was given upon recording my own material, and thus you can hear my own voice playing as Nathan Drake in the clip (I know, I'm definitely not close to Nolan North). An interesting point from this test was that I eventually left out my ADR takes that were recorded in the studio, and instead choosing to record outside, which effectively blended much better within the mix.